So you’ve just purchased an amazing dining room table that speaks to your modern tastes.

Now what?

Now you have to buy the right chairs to go along with that snazzy table! If you choose the wrong set, you’ll be the laughing stock at every wine and cheese party you host forever. To avoid possible feelings of regret, remorse, and utter rejection, get it right the first time.

We at Concord Seating know the strict social and design standards that are seemingly impossible to achieve. That’s why we create and build high-quality home and office furnishings with great care. You can purchase a single custom made furnishing or buy it in bulk for uniformity. We promise you’ll be completely satisfied with our contemporary furniture that will match your posh decor.

Some of Our Modern Chair Selections Salmey Polished Stainless Steel

This dining chair is perfect for an upscale business in Manhattan or just a casual cyber cafe across town. Its polished steel finish and stainless steel construction promise durability without looking like it. Also, check out its circular back rest that can match the rhythm and flow of its surroundings.


You have your choice of color in this polycarbonate made, single mold injection contemporary chair. Its simplicity won’t overpower your room though it will still add that extra “something.” Choose from red, clear, or black - whatever suits you!

Modern Ruffle

Like its name suggests, this dining chair has a ruffle pattern traveling throughout. Did we mention that this lightweight chair is also UV protected? That means you can set it and forget it during those warm summer months. You have you pick of black, blue, clear, and red.


You’ll love this polycarbonate chair that has chrome legs for extra drama. Even the cutout adds extra flavor with its woodsy design. That means you can have it at your sleek dining table or by itself in an entryway. Either way, you’ll be the object of envy! Choose from orange, red, green, black, or white.


Plastic and perfect, this seat is so elegantly simple. The tree grove cutout makes it the ideal chair for indoors and outdoors. Don’t let its sturdiness fool you, it’s very easy on the arms and even stackable. No assembly required! Choose from clear, transparent black, and transparent red.


Last but not least, you should consider this mostly polycarbonate-made seat that has a wooden frame. The wood is high quality with an ashwood finish. Plus, these chairs won’t scratch your floor or cause embarrassment at parties with its elegant modernity. You can get this ingenious furnishing in clear or transparent black.

If you’re stumped on what kind of chairs to buy, look no further. We’re sure you’ll find the right design that perfectly fits in with your contemporary decor with our selection. Since we custom-build each piece, you know you’re getting high quality along with some love.