Can you imagine yourself standing for the whole day? I bet you’re feeling mighty thankful to person who first invented chairs. This amazing piece of furniture is versatile in nature and can easily fit into any space. An essential accessory to your décor, chairs accentuate and ornament a space, as well as give some much needed rest to your back and legs. When you add armrests to chairs, you’ve got a cosy seat that’s just yours. Nothing is more relaxing than this! Let your forearms feel the serenity of arm chairs. The arms are either the continuation of the backrest or stand alone from the side of the chair seat.

Practical and stylish - what else do you need? At Concord Seating, we have extremely modish and premium quality armchairs to keep up with your choice and interior. Know the variety we have in store for you.

Our Arm Chair Collection
Carroll Modern Acrylic Chair

This well-built chair is an artistic delineation of American furniture. The round seat, stylish arms, and medallion back is an imitation of the contemporary baroque style chair. The Carroll Chair is a perfect epitome of uniqueness and innovation. This lightweight and scratch resistant chair are made from polycarbonate. Use the Carroll Chair for your home or office space. The single injection molding arm chair has a choice of color; clear or black - whatever suits your indoor or outdoor area.

Eleanor Task Home Office Acrylic Chair

The crystal-clear acrylic seat and armrest portray the class and elegance of the chair itself. The sturdy chrome steel frame and base, with a plethora of visible screws, add a rich statement to the chair. This chair has a height adjusting feature and wheels with a 360-degree rotation ability. The curved armrest adds comfort and poise to this modern chair. This chair is likely to suit your home or workplace, giving it a whole new look.

Modern Devon Aluminium Chair with Arms

Beautify your décor with the simple yet classy Devon aluminum chair with arms. This strongly crafted aluminum chair beats the strength of steel. The aesthetic cut of the chair gives a hint of sophistication to all places. Red, black and white colors to choose from. Beautify your dining room, office space, or garden area with this exclusive selection.

Modern Salmey Chair

This stout and contemporary chair is made from aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The curved seat brags of its comfort giving capability. Sit on the lightweight Salmey chair for hours without straining your body. This design will surely revamp your indoor or outdoor space.

Find a single chair or chair set that matches your unique space. We ensure you the best standard in the market so start adding some extra style to a room today!