How Modern Furniture Can Boost Your Creativity At Work
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Unfortunately, most workspaces lack the creative vibe we desperately seek each day. Usually, they’re stale and cold with rigid expectations. We believe that there’s definitely a correlation between how we work and where we work. If you’re feeling cramped in a dull atmosphere, your mind will also feel closed-in and unresponsive.

Fortunately, there’s a few quick and easy changes you can implement at the workplace to get those creative juices flowing again. Let’s start with the furniture! We suggest going with modern pieces because they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes that are different from the traditional. Plus, their various materials equal cost savings compared to heavy wood alternatives.

Here’s how modern furniture can boost your creativity:

  • Freshness

    It’s no surprise that a change-up rewires your brain from the constant monotony you’re used to. Adding new modern pieces creates an atmosphere visitors and workers alike will notice.

  • Aesthetics

    Modern furniture plays with different designs and does away with boring shapes, making it more appealing to the eye. Sleek designs, vibrant colors, and sturdy materials are sure to increase imagination. Having colorful, new-age furniture will also leave a lasting impression on visitors while providing an environment that isn’t so rigid.

  • Comfort

    Though some contemporary pieces might look a bit stiff, you can definitely find some that are both interesting and comfortable. It’s important for workers to be comfortable in an environment where cultivating ideas are the key to success. Having a variety of seating options allows people to move from area to another to spark even more creativity.

Modern designs step away from the classic look and feel of furniture we’re used to. Incorporating new, fresh, and livelier pieces at work ensures a more animated environment that’s bursting with creative energy. It’s important to spruce up the place with loud colors and interesting shapes to keep the eye moving and the brain thinking.

If your employees seem to be slumping with low energy, it’s time to incorporate some contemporary designs in the office. Check out our selection of amazing products at Concord Seating that will give the freshness you’re searching for!

Get Modern Contemporary and Modern Furniture
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At Concord Seating, our well-built reputation matches our well-built furniture. When it comes down to finding the right furniture to match both the current style and personality of your home, you’ve come to the right place. We have a great selection of contemporary and modern furniture to decorate and accentuate your home. Best of all, you have complete freedom to mix and match with tons of additional accessories so you can just have fun with it every step of the way with your small renovation project. Read on below to find out about some furniture you and your home will love.

Change Things Up

The process of searching far and wide and ultimately purchasing furniture for your home can often times be a hassle. We know there’s a lot of reasons why you need to find new furniture and accessories for your home. You might be bored of your current layout and on the hunt for something cool, edgy, different, and artistic. At the end of the day, you simply want a space to call you own. It might even be that you just bought your first home, are moving into another space for the first time in your life, or you’re just looking to replace something old and used. Whatever the reason, you’ll be sure to find that centerpiece or accent furniture that brings everything together in your home.

Make A Coffee or Tea Corner

If you’re a coffee or tea enthusiast, you want a separate space in your home where you can relax in the morning before the start of the day, or an area where you can unwind from a long day. Creating a sense of zen and peace is something you should keep in mind when looking for a unique coffee table that matches your style and helps you keep calm. One of our most popular coffee tables is the Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table. It features a thick glass top with two interlocking wood base pieces. Like a lot of furniture at Concord Seating, it’s considered both a great work of art and fine furniture that is essentially timeline. It features a combination of sculptural style and practical function. Now you can sit back on your couch and enjoy your hot cup of coffee or tea in peace.

The Importance of Lighting

Making your home a calm and tranquil place has never been easier. Our select line of accent and floor lamps will help bring your home to the next level. You’ll feel relaxed and restful with soothing lights that bring out the colors of your decor. These lighting solutions are a great additional to any room in the house and can even be used in the guest bedroom.

Whatever your reason, you’ll love the look and feel of contemporary and modern furniture from Concord Seating.

Great Selection of Modern and Contemporary Furniture
Friday, September 8, 2017 3:35:45 AM America/New_York | Post by Rummz admin |

Whether you’re searching for the perfect piece of furniture to complement your home or you’re looking to give someone special in your life something unique and timeless, you’re in luck. At Concord Seating, we carry a wide variety of modern and contemporary furniture. You’ll be amazed at the selection we have available and rest assured, we have something for everyone. Best of all, our collection of furniture is designed to be both artistic and functional so you’ll be sure to find something that really stands out in your home. Whether you’re looking for something that matches your home, or looking to mix and match with your existing space, you’ve come to the right place.

What really brings a room together is not just the aura it presents, but the personality and splashes of color that your bring to it. Continue reading to find out about some of our well designed lounge chairs and how they can bring everything together in your home.

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair & Ottoman

The Egg Lounge Chair and Ottoman are a great addition to your living room space, study, or study. They are designed to be the pinnacle of comfort and style with a design that rings sophisticated and distinguished. With the added benefit of the ottoman, you’ll be able to sit back and extend your legs out, allowing your body to feel calm and serene after a long day. The fabric of the chair and ottoman consists of 65% poly/dacron and 35% cashmere. The chair also features both a tension tilt and 360 degree swivel function.

Plywood Lounge Series

The Plywood Lounge Series was designed with the vision of a chair that a “warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt.” With that idea in mind, came the birth of a timeless chair that blended old-fashion comfort and visionary modernizing. Our Plywood Lounge Series simply echos comfort and high design. It features adjustable stainless steel glides for uneven floors, a built-in swivel mechanism, a 6-inch thick urethane foam cushions, seat and backrest shells, arm rests in bent plywood that’s connected with rubber and metal shock connection, and more.

Barcelona Style Chairs

The conceptual idea behind the Barcelona Style Chair was to mirror the design of a modern throne so you’ll feel like royalty when you’re relaxing in this cozy chair. It features a thick cushion upholstered in luxurious leather and is set upon a curved metal frame in the shape of an X. The throne design radiates a sense of authority and distinction. The Barcelona Style Chairs come in a variety of colors and can create interesting talking points at parties or other social gatherings in your home.

George Nelson Coconut Chair

Inspired by the design of a cracked part of the coconut, the George Nelson Coconut Chair offers a fascinating take on the traditional lounge chairs you’re typically used to. It’s simple yet striking shape, with its curved lines is a great additional to any home. Best of all, it’s no stranger to comfort so you sit down and unwind from the day. This will surely be a chair your guests will love.

If you’re looking for contemporary and modern furniture that matches both your home and personal style, look no further than Concord Seating.

Where To Buy Modern Dining Chairs
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So you’ve just purchased an amazing dining room table that speaks to your modern tastes.

Now what?

Now you have to buy the right chairs to go along with that snazzy table! If you choose the wrong set, you’ll be the laughing stock at every wine and cheese party you host forever. To avoid possible feelings of regret, remorse, and utter rejection, get it right the first time.

We at Concord Seating know the strict social and design standards that are seemingly impossible to achieve. That’s why we create and build high-quality home and office furnishings with great care. You can purchase a single custom made furnishing or buy it in bulk for uniformity. We promise you’ll be completely satisfied with our contemporary furniture that will match your posh decor.

Some of Our Modern Chair Selections Salmey Polished Stainless Steel

This dining chair is perfect for an upscale business in Manhattan or just a casual cyber cafe across town. Its polished steel finish and stainless steel construction promise durability without looking like it. Also, check out its circular back rest that can match the rhythm and flow of its surroundings.


You have your choice of color in this polycarbonate made, single mold injection contemporary chair. Its simplicity won’t overpower your room though it will still add that extra “something.” Choose from red, clear, or black - whatever suits you!

Modern Ruffle

Like its name suggests, this dining chair has a ruffle pattern traveling throughout. Did we mention that this lightweight chair is also UV protected? That means you can set it and forget it during those warm summer months. You have you pick of black, blue, clear, and red.


You’ll love this polycarbonate chair that has chrome legs for extra drama. Even the cutout adds extra flavor with its woodsy design. That means you can have it at your sleek dining table or by itself in an entryway. Either way, you’ll be the object of envy! Choose from orange, red, green, black, or white.


Plastic and perfect, this seat is so elegantly simple. The tree grove cutout makes it the ideal chair for indoors and outdoors. Don’t let its sturdiness fool you, it’s very easy on the arms and even stackable. No assembly required! Choose from clear, transparent black, and transparent red.


Last but not least, you should consider this mostly polycarbonate-made seat that has a wooden frame. The wood is high quality with an ashwood finish. Plus, these chairs won’t scratch your floor or cause embarrassment at parties with its elegant modernity. You can get this ingenious furnishing in clear or transparent black.

If you’re stumped on what kind of chairs to buy, look no further. We’re sure you’ll find the right design that perfectly fits in with your contemporary decor with our selection. Since we custom-build each piece, you know you’re getting high quality along with some love.

Give Some Rest To Your Arm With Our Arm Chair
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Can you imagine yourself standing for the whole day? I bet you’re feeling mighty thankful to person who first invented chairs. This amazing piece of furniture is versatile in nature and can easily fit into any space. An essential accessory to your décor, chairs accentuate and ornament a space, as well as give some much needed rest to your back and legs. When you add armrests to chairs, you’ve got a cosy seat that’s just yours. Nothing is more relaxing than this! Let your forearms feel the serenity of arm chairs. The arms are either the continuation of the backrest or stand alone from the side of the chair seat.

Practical and stylish - what else do you need? At Concord Seating, we have extremely modish and premium quality armchairs to keep up with your choice and interior. Know the variety we have in store for you.

Our Arm Chair Collection
Carroll Modern Acrylic Chair

This well-built chair is an artistic delineation of American furniture. The round seat, stylish arms, and medallion back is an imitation of the contemporary baroque style chair. The Carroll Chair is a perfect epitome of uniqueness and innovation. This lightweight and scratch resistant chair are made from polycarbonate. Use the Carroll Chair for your home or office space. The single injection molding arm chair has a choice of color; clear or black - whatever suits your indoor or outdoor area.

Eleanor Task Home Office Acrylic Chair

The crystal-clear acrylic seat and armrest portray the class and elegance of the chair itself. The sturdy chrome steel frame and base, with a plethora of visible screws, add a rich statement to the chair. This chair has a height adjusting feature and wheels with a 360-degree rotation ability. The curved armrest adds comfort and poise to this modern chair. This chair is likely to suit your home or workplace, giving it a whole new look.

Modern Devon Aluminium Chair with Arms

Beautify your décor with the simple yet classy Devon aluminum chair with arms. This strongly crafted aluminum chair beats the strength of steel. The aesthetic cut of the chair gives a hint of sophistication to all places. Red, black and white colors to choose from. Beautify your dining room, office space, or garden area with this exclusive selection.

Modern Salmey Chair

This stout and contemporary chair is made from aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The curved seat brags of its comfort giving capability. Sit on the lightweight Salmey chair for hours without straining your body. This design will surely revamp your indoor or outdoor space.

Find a single chair or chair set that matches your unique space. We ensure you the best standard in the market so start adding some extra style to a room today!

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