Bellefonte Pavilion Chair in Vanilla Leather

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  • Frame is constructed from heavy gauge 1 1/8" wide 12mm flat. 
  • Polished to a mirror like shine, stainless steel, and reassuringly heavy. 
  • Cushion is strongly supported by heavy saddle leather straps riveted to the frame. 
  • Top and side edges match upholstery color. 
  • Full grain certified leather and top quality workmanship. 
  • High density foam cushions upholstered by short double-layer. 
  • Softly padded for extreme comfort. 
  • Each piece is cut and hand-sewn with attentive detail. 
  • Buttons attached to the frame and cushions ensuring cushions stay in place, with their expressive look, while seated.

Additional Information

Description The Bellefonte chair was intended as a modern throne concept; a thick cushion upholstered in luxurious leather and set upon a curved metal frame in the shape of an X, a shape inspired by classical furniture. Perfectly proportioned and finished, the simple chair exudes an air of elegance and authority. The Bellefonte chair is the perfect choice for a seating option when you need to incorporate, into your space, a modern classic piece. Grouping together several chairs or mixing and matching different colors together can easily create an interesting conversation, and entertaining, area as well.
Material Leather
Dimensions 29.5" Length x 29.5" Depth x 28.5" Height. 17.5" from Floor to the Highest Point of the Seat. 20.25 Depth of the Seat
Brand LeisureMod
Color Vanilla
Item Number BR30IVLC

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